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ICCSetRGBProfile Method (GdPictureImaging)

GdPicture14 Namespace > GdPictureImaging Class : ICCSetRGBProfile Method
GdPicture Image Identifier.
The path of the ICC profile file to apply.
Applies a specific RGB color profile to a GdPicture image without embedding the color profile information. Therefore, only image pixels will be modified according to the profile information. If you need to embed an ICC profile to an image file the ICCAddFromFile() method must be used.
Public Function ICCSetRGBProfile( _
   ByVal ImageID As Integer, _
   ByVal ProfilePath As String _
) As GdPictureStatus
public GdPictureStatus ICCSetRGBProfile( 
   int ImageID,
   string ProfilePath
public function ICCSetRGBProfile( 
    ImageID: Integer;
    ProfilePath: String
): GdPictureStatus; 
public function ICCSetRGBProfile( 
   ImageID : int,
   ProfilePath : String
) : GdPictureStatus;
public: GdPictureStatus ICCSetRGBProfile( 
   int ImageID,
   string* ProfilePath
GdPictureStatus ICCSetRGBProfile( 
   int ImageID,
   String^ ProfilePath


GdPicture Image Identifier.
The path of the ICC profile file to apply.

Return Value

A member of the GdPictureStatus enumeration.
Setting an icc rgb profile to the image and not embedding it.
Dim oGdPictureImaging As New GdPictureImaging
Dim ImageID As Integer = oGdPictureImaging.CreateGdPictureImageFromFile("input.tif")
' We assume there exists an ICC profile called "profile.icc"
oGdPictureImaging.ICCSetRGBProfile(ImageID, "profile.icc")
oGdPictureImaging.SaveAsTIFF(ImageID, "test.tif", TiffCompression.TiffCompressionAUTO)
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