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TwainCloseSource Method (GdPictureImaging)

GdPicture14 Namespace > GdPictureImaging Class : TwainCloseSource Method
Closes the open Data Source, if any. If the source is enabled, disables it first.
Public Function TwainCloseSource() As Boolean
public bool TwainCloseSource()
public function TwainCloseSource(): Boolean; 
public function TwainCloseSource() : boolean;
public: bool TwainCloseSource(); 
bool TwainCloseSource(); 

Return Value

True if success, else False. If there is not an open source, does nothing and returns TRUE.
This method should be called only if the TWAIN state is 4 (TWAIN_SOURCE_OPEN) or 5 (TWAIN_SOURCE_ENABLED). If success, the TWAIN state must be <= 3 (TWAIN_SM_OPEN). To get the TWAIN state, use the TwainGetState() method.
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