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TwainSetResolution Method (GdPictureImaging)

GdPicture14 Namespace > GdPictureImaging Class : TwainSetResolution Method
The new resolution.
Tries to set the current resolution (in both x & y). Resolution is in dots per inch.
Public Function TwainSetResolution( _
   ByVal Resolution As Integer _
) As Boolean
public bool TwainSetResolution( 
   int Resolution
public function TwainSetResolution( 
    Resolution: Integer
): Boolean; 
public function TwainSetResolution( 
   Resolution : int
) : boolean;
public: bool TwainSetResolution( 
   int Resolution
bool TwainSetResolution( 
   int Resolution


The new resolution.

Return Value

True if success, else False -> Use TwainGetLastResultCode() and TwainGetLastConditionCode() methods for diagnosing the error.
'The source may select this resolution, but don't assume it will. Before using this method check that the TWAIN state is 4 (TWAIN_SOURCE_OPEN) To get the TWAIN state, use the TwainGetState() method.
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