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GdPicture14 Namespace > GdPictureImaging Class : GdPictureImaging Constructor
A standard constructor for the GdPictureImaging class. It initializes an instance of the GdPictureImaging class, which subsequently represents a wrapper for all the image resources you want to process. You will need this object to perform all available operations with your image files.

Processed image resources are identified by their unique image indentifier, so you need to initialize only one GdPictureImaging object to handle all your image files.

Public Function New()
public GdPictureImaging()
public GdPictureImaging(); 
public function GdPictureImaging();
public: GdPictureImaging();
As the best practice, we recommend going with one GdPictureImaging object for all processing image resources. At the same, be aware, that you need to release all allocated image resources after being used.
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