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GdPicture14 Namespace / BarcodeQREncodingMode Enumeration

In This Topic
    BarcodeQREncodingMode Enumeration
    In This Topic
    Defines the encoding mode for QR barcode.

    You can find more information here.

    Public Enum BarcodeQREncodingMode 
       Inherits System.Enum
    public enum BarcodeQREncodingMode : System.Enum 
    public enum BarcodeQREncodingMode = class(System.Enum)
    public enum BarcodeQREncodingMode extends System.Enum
    __value public enum BarcodeQREncodingMode : public System.Enum 
    public enum class BarcodeQREncodingMode : public System.Enum 
    BarcodeQREncodingModeAlphaNumeric1Alphanumeric encoding (11 bits per 2 characters).
    BarcodeQREncodingModeByte2Byte encoding (8 bits per character).
    BarcodeQREncodingModeKanji3Kanji encoding (13 bits per character).
    BarcodeQREncodingModeNumeric0Numeric encoding (10 bits per 3 digits).
    BarcodeQREncodingModeUndefined-1The engine selects the most appropriate mode automatically according to the input data.
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