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SavingProgress Event (GdViewer)

GdPicture14 Namespace > GdViewer Class : SavingProgress Event
This event is raised right after the currently processed page has been successfully created and saved. It is only applied when the initial document is image-based.

Please check the corresponded GdViewer.SavingProgressEventHandler for given parameters.

The event is only raised when processing documents based on images using the SaveDocumentToPDF(String) or the SaveDocumentToTIFF(String,TiffCompression) methods and its overloads. The event is not raised, if your initial document is in PDF or TXT format and you are saving it using the SaveDocumentToPDF(String) method and its overloads. The event is not raised using the SaveDocumentToJPEG(String,Int32) method and its overloads as well.

Public Event SavingProgress As GdViewer.SavingProgressEventHandler
public event GdViewer.SavingProgressEventHandler SavingProgress
public event SavingProgress: GdViewer.SavingProgressEventHandler; 
In JScript, you can handle the events defined by another class, but you cannot define your own.
public: __event GdViewer.SavingProgressEventHandler* SavingProgress
event GdViewer.SavingProgressEventHandler^ SavingProgress
Be aware that the event is only raised using the SaveDocumentToPDF methods or the SaveDocumentToTIFF methods, if your initial document is image-based (neither PDF nor TXT). The event is not raised when using the SaveDocumentToJPEG methods.
How to add this event to your GdViewer control.
'We assume that the GdViewer1 control has been properly integrated.
Friend WithEvents GdViewer1 As GdPicture14.GdViewer
'Add the event.
AddHandler GdViewer1.SavingProgress, AddressOf GdViewer1_SavingProgress
'Define the event.
Sub GdViewer1_SavingProgress(ByVal PageNo As Integer, ByVal PageCount As Integer) Handles GdViewer1.SavingProgress
    'Do your stuff here.
End Sub
//We assume that the GdViewer1 control has been properly integrated.
//Add the event.
GdViewer1.SavingProgress += GdViewer1_SavingProgress;
//Define the event.
void GdViewer1_SavingProgress(int PageNo, int PageCount)
    //Do your stuff here.
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