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GdPicture14.WPF Namespace / GdViewer Class / ZoomOUT Method

In This Topic
    ZoomOUT Method (GdViewer)
    In This Topic
    Decreases the current zoom level, it means zooms out on the viewer. You can use ZoomStep property to determine or to reset the currently used zoom step.

    This method sets the ZoomMode property to ViewerZoomMode.ZoomModeCustom and refreshes the viewer as well.

    Public Function ZoomOUT() As GdPictureStatus
    public GdPictureStatus ZoomOUT()
    public function ZoomOUT(): GdPictureStatus; 
    public function ZoomOUT() : GdPictureStatus;
    public: GdPictureStatus ZoomOUT(); 
    GdPictureStatus ZoomOUT(); 

    Return Value

    A member of the GdPictureStatus enumeration. If the method has been successfully followed, then the return value is GdPictureStatus.OK. We strongly recommend always checking this status first.
    The value of the ZoomStep property is used as the minificaction factor when zooming.

    The ZoomChanged event, respectively the PreviewZoomChanged event, is raised using this method.

    Please try the Document Viewer Sample in your [INSTALLATION FOLDER]/Samples/WPF folder to find out, how to utilize zooming features in your application.
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